Elysa Marco


Dr. Marco is the director of research for the UCSF Autism and Neurodevelopment Program (ANP).  In addition to the founding and directing research efforts for the UCSF ANP, Dr. Marco directs the cognitive and b

ehavioral child neurology clinic and participates in the neurology and genetics multidisciplinary autism clinics at UCSF. Dr. Marco’s research laboratory applies her clinical expertise in cognition and behavior to understanding the neural mechanisms of neurodevelopmental disorders related to autism, agenesis of the corpus callosum, sensory processing disorder (SPD), ADHD, and brain injury. Her laboratory is focuses on how individuals with neurodevelopme

ntal differences process basic sensory information from perception to action. Her research investigates how children with a variety of neurodevelopmental disorders processsensory information using magnetoencephalographic imaging and diffusion tensor imaging. Her expanding treatment projects are targeting computer training as a tool for augmenting positive brain plasticity.
Short version:
Dr. Marco directs the UCSF Autism and Neurodevelopment Program (ANP) Research core, the cognitive & behavioral child neurology clinic, and a neuroscience laboratory dedicated to understing neural mechanisms and treatment for sensory and attention dysregulation in children.

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