Parent Consent

Title of Project: Research Participant Database

Purpose and Invitation to Participate

My name is Silvia Bunge, Ph.D. I am a professor in the Psychology Department and Neuroscience Institute at the University of California, Berkeley.

I would like to invite your child to be part of The Child Research Center’s new and exciting Research Participant Recruitment Database. The Child Research Center’s mission is to create a multidisciplinary center with a unique focus: factors that alter the course of brain development from the perspective of multiple levels of analysis, from cellular to sociocultural. Some questions that the advertised research may focus on are how is the course of brain development affected by a child’s environment and experiences? And what are the long-term consequences of brain injury during childhood?  The Child Research Center is a way for your child to be part of a greater community of research participants.  Only the approved UC Berkeley researchers will have access to this database, which will enable them to connect to interested participants who are eligible for their study.

Please take time to read the following information carefully. If you have questions about the database, feel free to contact us.


If you decide to sign your child up for the Child Research Center Research Participant Recruitment Database, you will leave your name, email address, phone number, and the birth month and year of your child or children. It will take approximately two minutes to sign up.  We will use this information to contact you in order to connect you with a study your child is eligible to participate in. Your child may decline participation at any time and signing up does not obligate your child to participate.


As with all research, there is a chance that confidentiality could be compromised; however we are taking precautions to minimize this risk.  If you choose to sign your child up through the Child Research Center website, the data is entered into a secure website hosted by The Qualtrics website uses secure-server technology and the information you submit is encrypted using Transport Layer Security encryption.

Once downloaded from Qualtrics, the information will be removed from the website and inserted directly into a secure, password-protected database. The data will be encrypted when stored on the database at the Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute, and maintained on a password-protected computer. The computer that will store the database is maintained behind a private network within the Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute and secured by a firewall. Data will be removed from Qualtrics and transferred directly to the Child Research Center Research Participant Recruitment Database once a week. This process will be automated.


There is no direct benefit to your child if you decide to sign your child up. By being part of this database, your child may have the opportunity to participate in interesting research studies. It is hoped that the research will help us better understand how children develop as they grow.


Participation in this research database is completely voluntary.  You have the right to decline to allow your child to be part of this database, or withdraw them at any point. Your child has the same rights to decline to participate or withdraw any time.


If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s rights and treatment as a research subject, you may contact OPHS, the office of UC Berkeley’s Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects, at 510-642-7461 or

If you have any questions about this research project, please contact the research coordinator at, or Professor Silvia Bunge, 134 Barker Hall, Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute, UC Berkeley, 510-642-5554,


If you agree to have your child participate in this research database, please consult with your child/children about whether they would like to participate and if they agree, please print a copy of this page to keep for future reference and click on the appropriate “Accept” button below.

If you do not agree to have your child participate in this part of the research, click the “Decline” button below.