Ozlem Ayduk

“My research interests fall into three related but distinct domains. One is concerned with the role of negative interpersonal schemas as a social-cognitive mediator of personal and interpersonal adjustment. The second one focuses on the role of self-distancing in enabling […]

Spend Time Playing with Emotions

We are investigating the development of children’s ability to recognize and understand other people’s emotions. If your family decides to participate, your child will play a handful of interactive games related to emotions and self-control for 1 hour. While your […]

Ariel Starr

Ariel is interested in the development of reasoning ability in early childhood and the interplay between reasoning and symbolic thought. Her current projects are investigating how different cognitive skill sets influence children’s general and mathematical reasoning and the ways in […]

Silvia A Bunge, PhD

Dr. Silvia Bunge is a Professor in the Department of Psychology and the Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute at the University of California at Berkeley. Professor Bunge directs the Building Blocks of Cognition Laboratory, which draws from the fields of cognitive neuroscience, developmental psychology, and […]

Child Research Central Live!

The updated look of Child Research Central is now live. Feel free to submit any new studies to be added. The new site is still a work in progress and may take some time to work out the kinks and […]

Demo Study

This is not a real research study that’s being done. It is merely serving as a placeholder until new studies are added in its place.