Memory Development in Children

How does children’s existing knowledge shape what they remember? In these projects we are investigating memory development in children (aged 5 to 9 years) and the situations in which memory is biased towards familiar or unfamiliar objects. Children will play short games on the computer involving pictures of common objects, novel objects, colors, and/or abstract shapes. Children may also be asked to name the pictures or will be taught new facts about the objects to investigate how labels and factual knowledge influence memory. By learning more about what children remember, we hope to improve learning both inside and outside of the classroom.

Your appointment at our lab at UC Berkeley would last about 30 minutes and we will cover the cost of parking. Your child would also receive a small gift, such as a stuffed animal or coloring book, as a token of our appreciation for you coming into our lab.

If you have any questions or are interested in participating, please contact:

Ariel Starr, Ph.D.
Language and Cognitive Development Lab
Phone: (510) 664-4494