How Do Children Learn Metaphorical Language?

The Language and Cognitive Development Lab at UC Berkeley is offering an exciting opportunity for both 3 year-olds and one of their caregivers to get involved with research on children’s language development.

In this study, we are examining how children form associations between the dimensions of space, time and pitch. We frequently use spatial language to describe time and pitch (e.g.,”she went on a long vacation” or “she sang a high note”). We’re looking at how spatial metaphors like these affect how children think and reason about these different dimensions. We will have your child match pictures, words, and sounds in a fun game. This study takes about 15 minutes and is designed to be engaging for 3-year old children. As part of this study, we are also interested in your experiences as a caregiver; you will have a survey to complete in addition to your child’s participation.

Your trip to UC Berkeley would last about a half an hour and we would cover the cost of parking. Your child would also receive a small gift, such as a stuffed animal or coloring book, as a token of our appreciation for you coming into our lab.
If you’re interested in participating, please email us at with the email subject “Interest in Study 27.0,” or give us a call at (510) 664-4494.